Give your family and friends something that will last all year—a one-year membership in Pennsylvania Music Preservation Society (PAMPS), producer of the Great Pennsylvania Music & Arts Celebration normally held on Memorial Day Weekend at the Allentown Fairgrounds. Your gift recipient will receive discounted prices and VIP seating at our events, including twelve “Music Alive at the Ritz!” car shows and concerts held outside the Ritz Barbecue from April through October. Due to the cancellation of previous events in past years, existing memberships are extended until December 31, 2023.

Your purchase of a $25 membership for 1 person, $40 for 2 people, or $75 for 4 people (see the link below) will help allow any future Celebration festivals to be major platforms for showcasing some of the state’s top performers and artisans, while also giving emerging young musicians a platform to gain exposure and experience. Memberships will also help support our education initiatives and other activities throughout the year.

If you love music—all kinds of music—and want to help us pursue our mission of helping Pennsylvania musicians and artisans to find new audiences, and of preserving Pennsylvania’s historic and ongoing musical and artistic contributions, then join us by becoming a member of Pennsylvania’s Music Preservation Society (PAMPS).

Your annual membership fee of $25, $40, or $75 will not only help underwrite the budget for the diverse musical groups that perform with us, but will also demonstrate your tangible support of our efforts to support youth music activity and education, preserve Pennsylvania’s rich music heritage, and on Memorial Day weekend, to honor and support our military veterans. Your support, in turn, will translate into broader public recognition and corporate sponsorships.

What’s In It For You?

  • Your membership stays active for a full year
  • Discounted ticket prices
  • Special parking and seating at many events
  • Your name in our membership list
  • The satisfaction of being part of something great!
Click “Join” or scan the QR code to pay online using PayPal, which also accepts credit cards.

Membership dues can also be paid by sending a check for $25, $40, or $75, payable to PAMPS, to 1201 Country Ln, Allentown PA 18104-1902. You can download the optional application form by clicking here. If you don’t include the application form with your check, you must include a return address along with your email address (or phone number if you don’t use email) with the payment.

Thanks for supporting us!