We are a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and preservation of Pennsylvania’s musical heritage and cultural history that is all too quickly fading away and being forgotten.  We intend on doing this through festivals, dances, and other events. These events will be open to all ages of the general public, with the idea of bringing this important common bond to new folks to enjoy and keep alive for generations to come.


Alex Meixner, nationally renowned polka artist and Allentown, PA native son created The Pennsylvania Music Preservation Society in 2015 to ensure both that traditional Pennsylvania music and art forms find new audiences and that its contributions to other art forms be recognized.

Meixner chose Allentown, PA to be The Society’s “hometown” not only because of its rich Austrian/German history but also because it is home to one of the nation’s fastest growing Hispanic communities where rich historic connections to Austrian and Germanic music forms abound.  Reflecting his planned work with Smithsonian Folkways, Meixner looks forward to The Society ensuring new generations of music lovers are introduced to PA German music across generations and nationalities.

Meixner reached out to well known Allentown region “Friends of Polka”  Board President “Uncle Jeffrey” Tapler and “Chief” James Spang to join him as co-founders in 2015.  Former school district administrator Board Secretary/Treasurer Thomas “Tom” Dunn joined the board in 2017 .